SPORBORG, Henry Nathan

1877 - 1965

"Harry" was an American and worked for General Electric on applying electricity to trams and railways. In 1902 he was sent as part of a small team to help start up the new B.T.H. factory at Rugby. Unlike his colleagues, he did not move back to America but stayed in Rugby for the rest of his life.

By 1905 he was managing a separate 'traction' department. In 1907 he became Chief Engineer of B.T.H. and was made a director in 1910. In 1944 he briefly became Chairman of B.T.H. before retiring in 1945. It was his decision to move Whittle's jet engine work to Lutterworth.

He successfully took on the social role that, at the time, was expected of those in such a powerful position. His wife became a trustee of the Lawrence Sheriff Charity.

He died in Rugby in March 1965.